Thursday, October 16, 2008

SAP Business Intelligence ( BI ) Sucks!!!!

SAP Business Intelligence Sucks!!!
The tools suck so bad. SAP is a great ERP system. It is thorough , sophisticated and works.
SAP BI is different story. The most people who do the SAP BI are from the world of reports.. They still think in terms of how many report we need to build. SAP system is so sophisticated that it is too hard to do even a simple task. The only benefit of using an SAP system is that it has out of the box connecters to pull the data from the SAP transaction system. This reporting system is so old. There needs to be huge paradigm shift.
Most people who implement SAP do not setup any pre-aggregation or caching. I am not even sure if there is a possibility for caching. That is because it is so complicated to load some data and get it available for reporting.. people always put that aggregations etc.. for later. The performance sucks.. So, it takes a loooooong time to run any query. How do they solve the problem? You are forced to selected so many input values before you run any query. The input selection screens are so generic that they are too cumbersome to use it. So if you are trying to get some numbers of your BI system, good luck, it takes forever.

What I think SAP need to do?

1. SAP BI excels in collecting SAP data and storing it.

Where do they need to improve?
1. Improve the processing of delivering the stored data into report? Provide easier, faster and automatic aggregations
2. Improve the BEX Web Analyzer. Especially on the input collection side… This is terrible.
3. Graphics / Charts – This is a joke. The BEx Web charts are terrible. Do not even bother. The flash based tool is ok. But it does not work against a multidimensional data. You need to bring the data in 2 dimensional result set in order for it to work. Too much lagging.. Buy a good company. Improve this area.

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