Friday, January 16, 2009

Google Chrome - Worst Browser for Security

I am really really surprised that Google has decide to include the ActiveX plug in. Now i do not see any difference between the Google Chrome and the Microsoft Internet explorer. Atleast the explorer has an option of turn off or setup a prompt before loading an activex component.. But Google chrome loads everything by default. This is a BIG mistake.

I was under the impression that this is one of the better browsers for security because they designed it from the scratch. (Of course it use the webkit). Also It uses the google's data base for all the malware / spyware hosting web site. ( Wel.. you could use the Google Desktop to do that. You do not need the Chrome Browser). Now I am thinking this is one of the worst browser for security.

Seriously, Google. Provide more optionts to disable tthe ActiveX options. It has some command line options to turn off everything except ActiveX...

Until Google improves the handling of ActiveX, It is going to be the worst browser for Security reasons.


Guillaume said...

Search before posting anything... Google Chrome doesn't support ActiveX.

Anonymous said...

@ Guillaume

You're funny the post was posted in Jan of 09... and your comment is posted in November.... before you preach others try to do some search :P